Colorado Private Lake Memberships – Mile High Wakeboarding

Please note that all of our private lake memberships are full at this time. If you would like to keep current on new lakes, we recommend signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media. We post new openings as they become available and those posts self-destruct as soon as the new spots are filled.

As part of our core business, Mile High Wakeboarding (MHW) offers private lake memberships. At MHW, we understand what people want in a private lake. After all, many of our members become great friends and will choose to ride, surf, and ski together often. Each lake tends to develop its own family of members, and to date we have had zero turnover in all of our memberships. A good private lake is a very special place and we like to keep it that way. As such, we are extremely selective with who we allow to be a member, and we keep the membership numbers at each lake very low. We are also very strict enforcing the rules to keep our owners and members happy. Many of our lakes are on private land and the owners gamble with us the first year or two to see if a “water-ski club” is worth their hassle; we ensure them that it is and don’t allow anything or anyone to cause a problem for us, the members, or the owners of the property. We also set up programs with the owners to ensure that we can’t be “outbid” or lose a future lease to someone else – ensuring your membership in the long term. So long as the property stays peaceful and zero maintenance for the owner, our memberships are long term.

Overview of Our Colorado Private Lakes and Colorado Private Lake Memberships:

Watercraft: If you have a membership and your buddy has a brand new ride you are dying to try out, that’s okay with us, as long as the boat or jet-ski or other watercraft is properly insured by our standards, and goes through our process for admission to the lake(s). All of our lakes have a very strict Zebra Mussel policy. Be aware of this before joining any of our lakes.

Size and Location: Our lakes are in different parts of the Front Range and we like to keep the locations on a need to know basis. This keeps our owners and members happy. 🙂 All lakes are at least 2200′ long (5-6 tricks on a wakeboard) and operate on a 20-minute rotational basis, or on any given day, however the members present choose to take turns.

Membership: MHW lakes are most often limited to 6 total members (nearly every other private lake in Colorado has 10-12 or more members) so you are able to ride more on any given day, or on a popular holiday weekend.

Lake Schedule:
Lakes are typically closed to the membership a portion of each Monday-Thursday for the exclusive use of MHW. Should MHW staff not be present (which is more often than not the case – as we do have several lakes) the lake is open for normal use.

A typical lake schedule is as follows:
Monday – 8am to 2pm – Open to Members; 2pm to 8pm Closed to Members
Tuesday – 8am to 2pm – Closed to Members; 2pm to 8pm Open to Members
Wednesday – 8am to 2pm – Open to Members; 2pm to 8pm Closed to Members
Thursday – 8am to 2pm – Closed to Members; 2pm to 8pm Open to Members
Friday-Sunday and All Holidays (and Days in between Holidays and Weekend) – Are Always Open to Members.

Again, if MHW staff are not present to use the lake during periods that are closed to members, the lake is open for normal use. (Members will most often text or email us to see if we are using a particular lake.) These hours are set up this way to maximize member use around the weekends, holidays, and overnight camping, and allow our team and staff to ride or train away from students and the public.

Cost: Memberships are up to $5000 for the first year, and up to $3500 for each additional year. Shared memberships are allowed for up to a $1000 fee, but only count as one (1) membership for rotational purposes. Members may purchase up to two (2) full memberships. Credit card payments are allowed with a small fee to cover the merchant charges. First year costs are usually based on the improvements needed.

Camping: Overnight Tent and/or RV camping and summer/winter storage is most often permitted, on a case by case basis.

Obstacles: Slalom courses, wakeboard sliders and features, personal docks, and other obstacles are most often permitted as long as they are not in or restrict the main path of boat and skier/rider travel or landing zones.

Lake rules: Rules and guidelines are established by MHW. Proposed new rules can be submitted each year by the membership. Final approval and oversight is always made by MHW, however to date, all of our original rules have gone unchanged. Major rules you want to be aware of are:

-Any lake membership may be terminated, revoked or suspended by MHW at any time with or without reason, without a refund. Do not break the rules.

-Members shall take extreme precautions to ensure that zero contaminants of any kind, including but not limited to, Zebra and Quagga Mussels, noxious water weeds, milfoil, etc. are introduced into the lake.

-Always observe a 10mph, no dust (no kidding) speed limit while entering and on property. Always be on the lookout for animals and pets.

-No music may be played that can be heard more than 100 feet outside of the watercraft or any vehicle on or near the premises. (Sorry, please turn down your tower speakers if applicable, and please don’t disturb nearby neighbors or others. A quiet, peaceful lake makes for happy neighbors and Lake Owners.)

-No smoking of any kind on the property or near the property. Not even on your watercraft or in your vehicle.

-Use common sense. If you or your guests do anything that merits a Land or Lake Owner to complain to MHW for ANY REASON, it will most likely end up with the member receiving, at minimum, a written warning.

Lake membership benefits: With MHW operating the lake, there are bound to be countless, secret visits from pros, significant discounts on equipment, and even private cable systems.