Colorado Wakeboard Lessons – Mile High Wakeboarding

Mile High Wakeboarding (MHW) is Colorado’s premier wakeboarding school and cable park. MHW offers wakeboard lessons, wakesurf lessons, and wakeboard camps with our award-winning wakeboard coaches.

Know anyone that quit snowboarding after one try? We sure do, and we are here to say that when it comes to wakeboarding and wakesurfing, it won’t happen on our watch! Developed over several years, our wakeboard instruction program is one of the best in the industry. From learning the first-day basics in the best possible learning environment to coaching you through advanced jumps, inverts, and spins, to wakeboard training and preparing you for a contest, our professional wakeboard coaches can ensure you learn safely and in a fun environment. With students of all skill levels, ranging from ages 3 to 84 (no kidding), all you need is a willing attitude, and we’ll handle the rest.

To make a reservation, (303) 955-5420 or use our contact page.

Wakeboard Lesson Details

At MHW, we provide wakeboard lessons on the boat and on our cable systems. We have no preference, however, unless you are at the point where you are ready to jump wake to wake (or above), or learning to wakesurf, you will benefit much more from a cable lesson. The learning curve is cut down substantially and there is no faster, safer, or better way to learn, allow repetition and enforce good habits, or practice a new skill you can take to the boat. It is not required, but nearly all first timers and children under the age of 10 learn on a cable system.

Wakeboard lessons and wakesurf lessons are conducted at our private lake locations and at our cable park, or at an agreed location of your choice when using your boat. All wakeboard lessons are one on one, and include wakeboard coaching on land, trampoline, cable, and/or boat – as needed.

Wakeboard Lesson / Wakesurf Lesson / Boat Ride Session Pricing

30 Minute Lesson

   Cable           $69.00

   Surf/Boat    $85.00

60 Minute Lesson

   Cable            $119.00

   Surf/Boat     $175.00

90 Minute Lesson

   Cable            $169.00

   Surf/Boat     $225.00

Lesson on Your Boat (2 Hour Minimum)                $79.00/Hour

Those soon to be shredders under the age of 10 will, in most circumstances, require a 90 minute lesson. Warm weather is also important for any child’s first wakeboarding experience. We reserve the right to make the call on the weather…..we know better, and that first experience is very important for your little one.

For those that have a larger family or group, be sure to check out our cable rentals and wakeboard boat rentals. We also have a page for fun group events in Denver. All cable and boat group options come with the same great wakeboard instructors you would have in any of our other wakeboard lessons.

Reservations are required for all wakeboard lessons. Be sure to show up at least 30 minutes early for the appropriate paperwork and equipment fittings.

To make a reservation, (303) 955-5420 or use our contact page.

A Wakeboard Lesson In Pictures

Videos are great but don’t always show the stop motion that a photo can represent. (See our YouTube page for a selection of our videos.) Here is a typical example of a boat wakeboard lesson in pictures. This little girl was on her first wakeboard ride of the day with us. She was learning to ride switch and hold some butterslides. This lesson took place on the boat, but normally it would be on the cable system.

Link to slideshow.

To make a reservation, (303) 955-5420 or use our contact page.