Sponsors & Partners – Mile High Wakeboarding

At Mile High Wakeboarding and Mile High Cable Park, we select our partners and sponsors based on the products and companies we use, trust, and rely upon, year after year. These companies offer quality products that you can use and trust. We proudly use, and stand behind all of these products, companies, and services. (Alphabetical Order.)

Acme Propellor


Acme Propeller is the leading manufacturer of high-altitude and weight-tested boat propellers and tools. Acme has been a supporter and sponsor of Mile High Wakeboarding since the very beginning. After multiple seasons of using Acme products, we are excited to say that Acme propellers have saved us approximately 20% in fuel expenses, while giving us the power and hole shot we need at higher altitudes. If you load your boat, these are simply the best choice, period. Give them a call with your boat details and they will dial in the perfect solution for you. This is the single best investment you can make for fuel economy and power for your ride.

Domed Numbers

Doomed Numbers

Domed Numbers offers OEM/manufacturer quality domed lettering to match your exact boat and ride; in addition to decals, banners, and other sign-related items. These products can match or replace your existing, factory decals.

Jet Pilot


Jet Pilot manufactures quality coast guard approved vests, in addition to several other great products such as heater/wetsuit tops, wetsuits, shorts, helmets and other gear. Strongly endorsed by MHW team and staff, Jet Pilot makes products that will last, and if you ride at any cable park where a comp vest doesn’t make the cut, Jet Pilot has the most flexible goods!

Liquid Force


Liquid Force is heavily involved in nearly every major function in wakeboarding as well as within the Colorado area, and as a result has developed a local following of product lovers. As manufacturers of some of the best boards and bindings in the industry, their products and customer service stand among the industry leaders. Endorsed and beloved by many team riders and staff, Liquid Force continues to amaze us year after year with some of the most comfortable bindings ever made.

Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink is an energy drink that actually tastes great! With several different flavors and options – in a small can or big can, Monster is a leader in the energy drink business and has been a big supporter of Mile High Wakeboarding and all of our local wakeboard contests since the very beginning. If you have spent any amount of time with us at a lesson, camp, or event, chances are that you enjoyed a Monster beverage so support those that support the sport. Unleash your beast!




O’neill offers our favorite drysuits in addition to board shorts, life jackets, wetsuits, and other clothing and gear. These products are second to none. Enough said.

Slingshot Wakeboards

Slingshot Wakeboards

If you ride at a cable park and you want your board to last more than 2 hits on a kicker, you MUST ride a Slingshot. At MHW, we break more boards than you can imagine and in several years of operating a cable park, our team and staff only ride Slingshot Wakeboards on the cable. Regardless of what you hear, Slingshot boards are the only boards that actually stand up to the abuse you will inevitably put on your ride; no other boards will hold up as promised.