Contact Info & Directions – Mile High Wakeboarding

Contact Info & Directions

The fastest way to contact us is through this contact page. See the bottom of this page for our cable park FAQ’s. Thank you for your patience as we work on the new parks! (303) 955-5420 Denver, Colorado
For a faster response, email us.

Note: At this time, we are only conducting wakeboard camps, lessons, and group events on our cable systems and boats.

Click here to send us an email.

Denver Cable Park Address

Address and directions to our new Mile High Cable Park – coming soon!

MHW Mailing Address

Note that this has been our mailing address for over 12 years. Our new cable park is not in Arvada. 🙂

Mailing Address:
PO Box 746113
Arvada, CO 80006-6113


What activities are you offering?
At our main cable park (we have two smaller parks), we are conducting summer camps, wakeboard lessons, and group rentals. At this time, we are not offering daily ticket sales to ride the cable. We simply don’t have the capacity or the available parking. We will resume daily ticket sales when we open a new park.

What can you tell me about the new cable park(s)?
Due to the nature and scope of the projects we have in process, we have not released or confirmed any information about any cable park locations, dates, or any related details.

Where is the new cable park gonna be?
Please see first answer.

When is the new cable park gonna open?
Please see first answer.

Come on! I won’t tell anyone!! PLEEEASE tell me where and when?
We know and we believe you. Please see first answer.

I’m dying to ride! Will I at least get to ride this….week, month, Summer, season?
Please see first answer.

Are you gonna have a…?
Probably, but please see first answer.

Where are your private parks?
Please see first answer.

Why are you guys so secretive? Why won’t you tell me anything?
You’ll eventually know all of the details. Please see first answer.

Do you take bribes? Can I ride at your private cable parks?
If we answered this question, it would create follow up questions. 😉